Tuition and Fees

The Enrollment Agreement obligates the student and the school for the entire program of instruction.  The student’s financial obligations will be calculated in accordance with the school’s refund policy in the contract and this school catalog.  Tuition and fees for each program are listed below.  Application and Registration fees are not refundable.. The California Victor University catalog is available at no charge and will be provided to each enrollee prior to enrollment. California Victor University will work with each student to determine the best financial arrangement to meet their obligation for tuition.  California Victor University provides a voluntary prepayment plan to students and their families to help reduce the costs upon entry into training.  Details are available through the financial representative.



                                      An Estimated Total Charge for a Semester                     


MBA Program






Estimated Total Charges for the Entire Program


Financial Assistance

California Victor University does not receive financial aid for students who qualify for it under any state or federal financial aid program. At present, CVU is not able to offer federal financial aid to students, such as the Pell Grant and Stafford Student Loan Programs.  However, California Victor University may award a limited number of partial tuition scholarships on the basis of high scholastic achievement, and the financial need of the student.  Applications for scholarship assistance should be made to the Director of Admissions.




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